Turn Patients into Loyal Eyewear Shoppers 

Meet Optify, the optical industry’s #1 optical sales tool software solution that empowers your practice to display your eyewear online under your brand, maximizing revenue and strengthening patient relationships. 

Optify, voted the industry's #1 optical sales tool in 2023. 

Acquios Alliance members enjoy discounted pricing and staff lunch & learns. 

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Your Optify site can be seamlessly connected to your branded website in as little as 3 weeks, takes less than one hour of staff time to train and launch, it's that easy. 


FREE Virtual Try-On

Virtual Try-On powered by Fittingbox® offers your customers an immersive and interactive eyewear experience that will make all the difference. 

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Join practices nationwide who are activating patients to pre-shop their optical inventory before the exam, re-engaging them if they walk-out,  and scaling second pair sales.